Are your English and maths skills job ready?

Many people don’t see the connection between having good basic skills and looking for a job. First impressions will always count so if your job application is littered with mistakes then you probably won’t get any further and your application will end up in the bin!
It’s not just about filling in a job application though. Many of us struggle to find the right words and will often ask relatives to help. That’s fine, but what about in an interview situation? Expanding your vocabulary will help you to speak with confidence to really show employers that you are perfect for the job.

Some employers will ask you to take an assessment and this will include both English and maths or it is even part of the application form. Some supermarkets have maths questions as part of their online application! What about working out “pro rata” – are you confident that the job is enough hours/money for you to live on?
So if you struggled with English or maths at school then maybe it’s time to change that and feel more confident about tackling job applications!
The first thing you have to do is take an assessment. It’s not a test or an exam, there is no pass or fail mark! You need to know what your current level is and then you can plan your learning with a tutor. If you live in Barnsley you can contact us for an assessment – here:


Joining an adult course is not like going back to school. You will be with other people who feel the same as you but maybe have a different reason for deciding to attend.
The benefits of learning are much bigger than being able to fill in an application form! It will improve your confidence, maybe inspire you to read more, learn more, manage your finances better or even to write short stories. You could have a real knack for something that you never thought possible. So what are you waiting for?
You can find more information on improving your basic skills here:


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