Video Interviews

Have you ever had a video interview? Here are a few tips on how to handle them and what to expect.

You apply for a job the usual way, upload your CV or complete an online application and you have a good feeling you will get called for interview. You start mentally planning your route to interview and then an email drops in and, instead of a time and place to be, you are given a link to click for a “video interview.” This is not what you expected,; you probably haven’t even thought about it.

Maybe it’s something we should all get used to! Many employers will use a video interview to save costs, standardise the recruitment process and make it easier for them to sift applicants.

Video Interviews
So what happens next?

Usually, you will be given an expiry date and time to access the interview via the link they sent you in the email. This is your planning time – you can’t turn up in your pyjamas!

Many interviews are just a series of questions which appear on your screen. You might not get any interaction with a “real life” person at the other end.

1 – dress how you would for a traditional interview, but check how your outfit comes over on a screen.

2 – practise, practise, practise. It’s not easy looking at yourself on screen, so take plenty of time to get just the right position, lighting and sound. Have a rehearsal; practise with a friend over Facetime or Skype. Record it if you can and look back at it.

3 – plan the room carefully. Make it look as business like as you can with no distractions in the background.

4 – try not to speak too fast. Your responses will be listened to later. So if you don’t make yourself clear you won’t have the opportunity to repeat yourself as you would in a normal face to face interview.

Video interviews aren’t easy for anyone, so prepare yourself well in advance. Make sure your equipment will work and don’t forget to smile 


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