Getting the right advice

End of term – what next?

Our adult learning courses are winding down for the summer and learners are frantically pulling together their portfolios and some last minute cramming for exams. It’s all nearly over for another year and our learners will be reflecting on past achievements and wondering what next and maybe planning end of term celebrations with the class.

Is that you?

People come back into education for many reasons. Adult learners are often considered to have a motivation to learn, they’ve made a choice to come back and often have an initial goal in mind. But what if that goal changes or you’ve achieved that one and want more!

Where do you go then?

Most adult learning centres or colleges will have a careers guidance officer or a student services department to help you make decisions about your education, training and work options. It’s important to get impartial advice about your future, not just advice on the courses available where you currently study.

So how can you make sure that the person you are trusting to give you good, solid and unbiased advice is qualified and won’t just want to direct you to “their courses?”

You could ask the adviser what qualification they hold in careers guidance. I would be happy to answer that question if a learner asked me. Most advisers would hold a level 3 as a minimum, level 4 is fairly standard and it goes without saying that a Level 6 adviser has undertaken more detailed training.

The Matrix quality standard is held by organisations that have been assessed on the quality of information, advice and/or guidance services to support you in making a choice for your career, learning, work and life goals. Not every organisation will hold it – they have to pass an assessment of their service from all aspects. So if you see this standard, then you know that you are on the right track for a good quality service.

You can look out for the Matrix quality standard for careers guidance or you could even do a search for your learning provider

You can also access impartial advice via

This site is managed under services and it provides impartial information and advice on training, work and careers.

If you are one of our learners at Adult Skills and Community Learning in Barnsley, then you can come along to our open day on 26th July or find out more here:

Thanks for reading and as ever, feel free to comment. Have a good week 🙂


One thought on “Getting the right advice

  1. Thanks for the advice. I’d never really thought about asking about adviser’s experience and qualifications before. It’s good to know we can get impartial advice too.


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