Jingle All The Way…. The Christmas Temp

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Christmas recruitment is now well underway and a wide variety of roles are on offer, so whether you are looking to return to the job market or are trying to find your first job, then maybe a Christmas job could be the best option for you.

As well as the traditional retail roles you will also find lots of hospitality jobs are also on offer due to extra bookings for “the work Christmas do” or general festive lunches and dinners. So now is the ideal opportunity to get some experience, learn new skills and make some extra cash!
Here’s our list of what you might experience as a “Christmas temp”

Extra money – to save for the things you want. Christmas can put a strain on most people’s finances so having some extra cash can help you to budget and give the option to do other things that might normally be out of your reach.

References – Working in a Christmas job will give you up to date references and will definitely help you with future job applications. Christmas work is not easy and is very demanding and employers will know that you have got a hard working attitude.

Skills – due to the amount of vacancies that are advertised some employers will take applicants who don’t have a massive amount of experience to fill their vacancies. This means that you are able to get a foot in the door and gain so many new skills such as, customer service, team working and cash handling.

Networking – a temporary job could be the opening to different opportunities. Who knows what your seasonal work could lead to? If you work hard and impress your boss then there is a good chance that you could be considered for any future vacancies. Even if that doesn’t happen it might put you in contact with another recruiter in the future and give you access to the hidden job market.

Career path – If you are unsure what type of work you want to do in the future then Christmas work could really give you an insight and help you to decide if a particular sector is right for you. If you decide that you don’t want to work in that sector in the future you still have lots of transferable skills that will help you get the future career you want.

Training– Maybe the role comes with some additional training that you can add to your CV and make you more attractive to a future employer.

Employee perks and discounts – many employers will offer temporary staff the same benefits as permanent employees. So you could get staff discounts which will come in handy for any purchases you make.

Things to be aware of
Flexible hours – maybe you will have to offer a great deal of flexibility as a Christmas temp. If staff ring in sick and you are due in they might ring you to see if you can come in earlier. Or maybe the store really needs tidying up before you leave at the end of your day. There would be an expectation that you will complete the work you were given before you can head home. So bear this in mind if you have to arrange childcare or transport home.

Being adaptable – you might have expected to be in a particular role but find yourself stuck in the back room doing a dull job. One of my clients was left to get all the sale items ready and rarely ventured out onto the sales floor. But remember you are still in employment and it will add to your CV. The trick is to keep smiling and being ready to react when needed.

Busy, busy, busy – it’s the Christmas period and it will be hectic, busy and stressful. If you can cope with that you can cope with anything. Customers may get angry, permanent staff may get stressed and you might be sick of hearing Christmas songs on repeat all day, every day!

Working through the main event! Most retailers and hospitality venues open extra hours during Christmas and you might be working late on Christmas Eve, or even Christmas day and early Boxing Day. It shouldn’t be a surprise that you will probably lose some of your family time while you are working over Christmas.

So whether you view Christmas temporary work as an opportunity to gain something then you probably will. It’s all about attitude and being prepared for the time of year.
If you fancy something where you aren’t on your feet all day, you could always be on the lookout for a Father Christmas role!

Have a look for Christmas vacancies at your nearest shopping centre: here are the ones close to us in Barnsley

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